5 CS:GO Players Face Corruption Charges In Australia

5 CS:GO Players Face Corruption Charges In Australia

Despite constant warnings from organizations and legal officials, match-fixing remains rampant in the esports community. Just this week, five semi-professional CS:GO players were formally indicted on corruption charges over match-fixing offenses done at ESEA Mountain Dew League 2019. 

The trial and investigation lasted for over a year. Australian police, led by the Victoria Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit, started the investigation in March last year when they received a report from a betting agency regarding illegal CS:GO-related activities. As the case progressed, the police demanded the initial arrest of six players back in August. Only five of them will face criminal charges today.

The five players were said to be arranging CS:GO matches and placing bets on those pre-determined matches. The police reported that the offenders won as much as $30,000 from at least five fixed matches. It’s unknown whether or not all matches are hosted by the ESEA Mountain Dew League 2019.

According to Assistant Commissioner Neil Paterson, one of the officials leading the case, the offenders are young CS:GO players with no criminal history: “We’ve got young men, typically 19- or 20-year-olds, who have no history with police…They’re [allegedly] getting involved in [corruption] offences … at quite a young age that have serious consequences for them. The sheer volume of young men involved in gambling, both in high school and in universities, is at epidemic proportions.”

The offenders are charged with “use of corrupt conduct information for betting purposes” in Australia. They might face up to ten years of jail time. The trial will continue at court on September 15.

As this issue is a complete surprise to those who monitor Bitcon CS:GO odds and place bets from time, it’s always best practice to be cautious about the teams we place wagers on. Take time to research and take a closer look at the competing teams and any lapses.

About ESEA Mountain Dew League

ESEA Mountain Dew League is an annual tournament organized by ESEA and sponsored by soda company Mountain Dew. The series has over 30 seasons now and continues to invite amateur and semi-professional CS:GO teams across Europe, Australia, and North America.

The annual tournament aims to give amateur and semi-professional players a chance to compete in regional and international professional tournaments. Spots at prestigious CS:GO leagues are up for grabs at all ESEA Mountain Dew League tournaments.