FACEIT, Mythic Team Up For NA-Based Mythic League

FACEIT, Mythic Team Up For NA-Based Mythic League

The CS:GO competitive scene is always ahead of its time when it comes to player participation, thanks to the leagues and organizations promoting events that involve the community behind successful esports tournaments. Flashpoint, the first team-owned league in esports, sparked change in the competitive scene. Promoting this trend, CS:GO organization Mythic Reborn followed through with its own competitive league in North America: the Mythic League. This adds more thrill to the Bitcoin CS:GO odds list and opens up more winning opportunities this season.

Tournament Details

Mythic partners with FACEIT for the event. Mythic League features two formats—Invite and Open Divisions with a total prize pool of $25,000. The tournament starts on May 25 and runs through June 23. All in all, the participating teams compete for almost 5 weeks. The remaining dominating teams conclude the first season via playoffs from June 26 to June 29.

For the Invite Division, Mythic League will have a total of 24 participating teams. 20 of them are invited, while the other four teams earn their tickets through online qualifiers on April 18 to 19 and April 24 to 25. Teams from this division are divided into 4 groups consisting of 6 teams. Each team faces other members in their group in a BO2 (counts as 2 x BO1) starting May 24. The top 3 dominating teams from each group proceed to the playoffs which take place from June 25 to June 28. The first seed team automatically earns a first-round bye.

For the Open Division, the tournament begins on May 17. Participating teams and players will play in one BO1 match a week using a Swiss system. For those who want to play, A Mythic League subscription is required, but there’s no additional entry fee to join.

Mythic League’s Twitch channel will try to cover all matches for five weeks, so make sure you check the BetCSGO Live Streams page. However, All matches under Invite and Open Divisions not broadcast on this channel will have open IP’s for anyone to broadcast.

Competing Teams (Invite Division)

Swole Patrol
Bad News Bears
Recon 5
Under 21

Prize Distribution

1st place: $10,000 USD
2nd place: $4,000 USD
3rd/4th place: $2,000 USD
5th-8th place: $500 USD