BLAST Nordic Qualifier ‘Elisa Invitational’ Starts April 30

BLAST Nordic Qualifier 'Elisa Invitational' Starts April 30

Elisa Invitational, a CS:GO Blast Premier qualifier, is set to start at the end of the month. As it approaches, the tournament organizers finally announced the new format, group distribution, and detailed schedule. Bettors are also in for a treat as the qualifier will make its way to the top CS:GO betting sites and its markets soon.

The qualifier is a Nordic tournament that features 8 of the best teams from different regions—Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Elisa Invitational will have 2 Blast Premier spots up for grabs. The winners compete at the BLAST Spring Europe Showdown together with other invited and qualified teams. The Showdown is one of the biggest international tournament tours in CS:GO, with a total prize pool of over $ 4 million.

The tournament opens with a BO1 round-robin group stage. The 8 participants are divided into two groups with 4 teams each. The winning team from each group will head to the spot-deciding semi-finals, while the runner-ups and bottom-ranking teams still have to undergo multiple stages. Second and third-placed teams will face each other in the quarter-finals.

Competing teams

Group A


Group B


Godsent is the highest-ranking team in Group A, but ENCE and Dignitas had an impressive 2020 background as well. The three received direct invites for the tournament, while Apeks won a spot at a Norwegian qualifier.

In Group B, domestic rivals North and Heroic are present. The two might finally settle their rivalry once and for all in the tournament. Nordavind and KOVA are the underdogs. The latter won a spot at a Finnish qualifier.

Tournament Schedule

Thursday, April 30

18:00 – Sweden Dignitas vs. Norway Apeks
19:30 – Europe GODSENT vs. Finland ENCE
21:00 – Finland ENCE vs. Sweden Dignitas
22:30 – Europe GODSENT vs. Norway Apeks
00:00 – Europe GODSENT vs. Sweden Dignitas
01:30 – Finland ENCE vs. Norway Apeks

Friday, May 1

18:00 – Europe Nordavind vs. Finland KOVA
19:30 – Denmark North vs. Denmark Heroic
21:00 – Denmark Heroic vs. Europe Nordavind
22:30 – Denmark North vs. Finland KOVA
00:00 – Denmark North vs. Europe Nordavind
01:30 – Denmark Heroic vs. Finland KOVA

Saturday, May 2

22:00 – Quarter-final #1
02:00 – Semi-final #1

Sunday, May 3

22:00 – Quarter-final #2
02:00 – Semi-final #2