Betting on CSGO

If you want to witness the top CSGO teams go all out against each other and feel the thrill of online gambling, betting on CSGO matches is the answer to that. The esports betting community loves the game for many reasons. Of course, pitting the Counter-Terrorists against the Terrorists is a familiar matchup in the entire gaming community.

The first-person shooter action is no stranger to video game aficionados as weespll. Furthermore, the skilled teams battling it out is something we can all look forward to. Add Bitcoin to the picture and you have the perfect esports betting game right before you.

The game

All CSGO matches involve two teams. Each team comprises of five players. Each team has a different objective at the start of each round. Whichever team completes their designated objective first, or kill all 5 players of the opposing team, wins the round. 16 rounds win each match.

Betting on CSGO is similar to conventional sports betting. If you have basic knowledge of sports betting, understanding CSGO betting takes almost no time at all. You can wager on pretty much all of the major and minor events as long as your chosen CSGO betting sites have it. - Bitcoin betting predictions

CSGO bets

The simplest way to bet on CSGO is the match bet. Here, you have to pick which team you think will emerge the match winner. Alternatively, you can also look at our Bitcoin CSGO odds to see what the latest matches starting are.

You can also give your CSGO wagers more thrill by exploring the other types of bets. Bet on the winner of individual matches. Place live bets that allow you to bet during the match, which involves options such as betting on the winner of the next round.

The diversity of betting on CSGO gambling sites provide rich experiences. If you’re looking for something new, combining CSGO, betting, and bitcoins is a smart move. More than that, every aspect of Bitcoin CSGO betting is equipped to live up to your expectations.