CS:GO Operation 10 Rumors Circulate Online

CS:GO Operation 10 Rumors Circulate Online

Rumors of an upcoming CS:GO operation continues to circulate online with solid proof. It looks like CS:GO developers are working overtime to prepare for its arrival. According to community watchdogs, there’s been an unusual amount of activity in the latest experimental version of the game since October.

Valve developers have special access to an exclusive experimental version of CS:GO. This version is used to test new features, bug fixes, and shooter additions. Multiple developers have been exploring this version for months now, including two separate updates where four CS:GO developers were online in the game at the same time—a rare occurrence.

This might look like a coincidence, but several players and community members started tracking player counts for individual games since 2018. Four CS:GO developers were online at the same time five times since then, and three of those situations were recorded this year. This means that a big update is coming our way, and it might be Operation 10.

Skin creator and level designer @Hollandje97 revealed a pattern within the database of the game on his Twitter account, comparing the timeline and timing of the update activities in three pictures and saying “I think it’s time to prepare for Operation 10 people”.

@Nors3, CS:GO insider and president of professional team Dogmination, also revealed that he got the confirmation for Operation 10:

“Well, since it’s pretty much known to the public: Operation 10 is confirmed and it will be released really soon (set to this week but maybe the next Valve Time). I have been silent about this for the hype (I got the info confirmed info days ago). Brace yourselves, winter is coming.”

Going deep into details, popular CS:GO YouTuber VNN Tyler explained the list of new additions that we might be getting in Operation 10. Here are the changes we can expect in the update according to him:

  • 1v1 Versus Mode
  • New Danger Zone Utility – ‘Tripwire’
  • Remakes to the existing maps Office and Mirage
  • Survival-based ‘Dungeons’
  • New Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’

It’s worth noting, however, that Valve made no official statement confirming Operation 10 despite the rumors and solid pieces of evidence from known esports personalities.