CSPPA, Other CS:GO Organizers Plan To Adjust Player Breaks

CSPPA, Other CS:GO Organizers Plan To Adjust Player Breaks

The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) and several major esports organizers reportedly plan to change the dates of the summer and winter player breaks due to the ongoing pandemic and the devastating cancellation of CS:GO major events this year.

In a Twitter post, the CSPPA confirmed that it supports the decision of its main tournament partners when they decided to cancel all major events. The organization urges other organizers, partner or not, to prioritize the health and safety of the players and communicate with them immediately regarding tournament cancellation and rescheduling:

“CSPPA’s number 1 priority is ensuring player health and safety, and we’re collaborating closely with our tournament partners⁠—ESL, Dreamhack, and Flashpoint⁠—to ensure that all CS:GO players are as safe as possible in connection with tournament participation and travel. CSPPA is thankful for the great work of ESL, Dreamhack, and Flashpoint and for their cooperation in these difficult times. We call on all other tournament organizers to get in touch with CSPPA to enable us to assist in ensuring player health and safety, and managing communication with our membership.”

All CSPPA’s partners followed the cancellation notice, but the change to the summer off-season dates was proposed by ESL, DreamHack, and StarLadder. Many countries still impose their travel and event restrictions, so a new event and player break schedule is now in the works. Meanwhile, other top Bitcoin sportsbooks still offer CS:GO odds that range from minor to major events.

The summer break now takes place two weeks earlier than the original schedule. From the initial schedule on July 15, organizers will allow players to take a break from June 29 to July 31. The new schedule is just a proposed date for now, but the change may affect the upcoming ESL One Cologne with original dates on July 6 to 12. The tournament is supposed to fall within the off-season.

With these changes, ESL is suggesting to move ESL One Cologne to August in a studio environment. Its original venue in Germany was cancelled due to the country’s extended ban on all major events until the end of August.

The winter break, meanwhile, might get extended dates. The CSPPA is suggesting to let the winter off-season run through January 17. ESL, DreamHack, and StarLadder already accepted the proposal.