Cult Classic ‘Mirage’ Hails As Most-Played Map In CS:GO

Cult Classic 'Mirage' Hails As Most-Played Map In CS:GO

Currently, there are seven official maps in the CS:GO active duty map pool. Each map has its own in-game features and level of difficulty. But among the seven, amateur and pro players hailed Mirage as the most-played map in the history of CS:GO with over 15,000 games played.

The result isn’t surprising since Mirage is considered as a cult classic for gamers who’ve been here since the beginning. The map is balanced and competitive, allowing players of any type to excel while in it. In fact, the map alone can play a huge role in CS:GO odds as it greatly affects the playing style of each team., the leading CS:GO coverage site in the world, recognizes Mirage’s suitability to any type of game: “Mirage is suitable for AWP play, making the defense easier. It also offers many spots suitable for long- and short-range crossfire. In combination with multiple opportunities to be creative with grandees, players keep finding new ways to play Mirage.”

WePlay!, the biggest esports organizer in Ukraine, also shared that Mirage is always present in most of their leagues: “Mirage has been the favorite map among the Forge of Masters. WePlay! League teams so far – it was played in 10 out of 16 matches. It doesn’t come as a surprise.”

Mirage has a total of 15,813 games at press time, followed by Inferno with 12,871, Train with 9,785, and Cache with 8,945, all of which continue to make their fair share of appearance in our Live Streams page. With this record, Mirage is the only map to be featured in all 15 successful CS:GO Major Championships today.

Mirage In 2020

Mirage has been around since 2004—when Counter-Strike is still making a name for itself in the esports scene and long before CS:GO was introduced to the world. Mirage is a cult classic, but that doesn’t mean it follows the traditional map features in the Counter-Strike series. The map received various updates in the past; the latest update was released last January:

  • Added AWP wallbang spot from the palace to scaffolding close corner, A site
  • Added bench in mid allowing jump up to window boost spot/peek towards cat
  • Widened T entrance to mid
  • Lowered trim around B site balcony
  • Blocked a jump-peek from the middle of B site towards cat