DreamHack Postpones All 2020 CS:GO Events Until Next Year

DreamHack Postpones All 2020 CS:GO Events Until Next Year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DreamHack events, the world’s largest digital esports festivals, are postponed until 2021. All remaining major tournaments for CS:GO starting October will be moved next year.

DreamHack already canceled DreamHack Dallas, DreamHack Summer, and DreamHack Montreal in May, but fans are still expecting the continuation of other events in late 2020. Sadly, DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark announced the organizer’s final decision yesterday. The company is prioritizing the safety of its staff and attendees. More than that, many countries still ban large public gatherings and international travel to prevent the spread of the virus, so the postponement is necessary.

“The goal for all of us at DreamHack is to provide great experiences at our events, which thrive by bringing communities together for these shared and beloved festival weekends all around the globe…We have never had to postpone events like this before—but these are extraordinary times, and the safety of our attendees and staff has never been more important than now,” Lindmark said.

Here are the affected events for 2020:

  • DreamHack Rotterdam — originally scheduled for October 16-18, 2020
  • DreamHack Hyderabad — originally scheduled for October 31-November 1, 2020
  • DreamHack Atlanta — originally scheduled for November 13-15, 2020
  • DreamHack Winter — originally scheduled for November 27-29, 2020
  • DreamHack Madrid — originally scheduled for December 11-13, 2020

For 2021, DreamHack will host its usual set of programs, such as pro esports tournaments, amateur, and varsity gaming tournaments, bring your own computer (BYOC) LAN party, influencer appearances, cosplay championships, expos, film screenings, live music, and more. Even though the events are going to be delayed for a while, expect the organizer to deliver exciting CS:GO Bitcoin betting odds early next year.

The organizers first seek the guidance and approval of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten), as well as other national and local health authorities on resuming festivals.

The complete schedule of festival dates and locations for 2021 will be announced later this year. To access the additional details at a later date, head to dreamhack.com. In the meantime, DreamHack will continue to host multiple online events, such as the Open Summer CS:GO tournament and the 2020 NLC Summer Playoffs.