ESL Bans 3 Coaches Caught Exploiting CS:GO’s Coaching Bug

ESL Bans 3 Coaches Caught Exploiting CS:GO's Coaching Bug

Valve continues to fight cheating and toxicity in CS:GO with the aid newly-developed tools. This week, the game saw another blow to its system as three coaches reportedly exploited CS:GO’s coaching bug at multiple ESL

The coaches involved were Aleksandr ‘MechanoGun’ Bogatiryev of Hard Legion Esports, Ricardo ‘dead’ Sinigaglia of MIBR, and Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen of Heroic. Danish Team Heroic is the champion of ESL Cologne 2020.

According to reports and ESL’s official statement, a new bug that allows coaches to become spectators anywhere on the map was discovered in CS:GO. The bug is hidden to the public, so the three coaches were able to use it on live ESL matches with a free observer position and without getting caught. The most crucial and exploited position was the opposing team’s spawn area.

Valve and ESL only found out what happened after the tournament. The bans were announced on August 31, a day after ESL One Cologne 2020 crowned Heroic as the new champion. In a press release, ESL laid down the violations and abuses that took place during the tournament. The three coaches violated section 6 of the league’s rulebook.

“We consider this to be in violation with our rulebook, section “6.10.5 Use of Bugs and Glitches.” We have since introduced measurements that prevent this abuse which have been in place starting with ESL One Cologne. After closely analysing all matches from ESL and DreamHack competitions which took place in the past months, and consulting with Valve in the process to solidify our findings, we have identified [these] coaches to have knowingly misused the bug for a competitive advantage in live tournaments,” ESL wrote in a statement.

During the investigation, the tournament organizer also successfully identified the specific matches where the violations occurred throughout the tournament circuit:

  • Hard Legion, MechanoGun at ESL One Road to Rio on six maps in three matches
  • Heroic, HUNDEN at DreamHack Masters Spring in 10 rounds on one map
  • MIBR, dead at ESL One Road to Rio in one round on one map

The three teams’ prize money and ESL Pro Tour points were forfeited. The coaches, together with the entire organizations behind each team, will face a 6 to 24-month ban in all major CS:GO events.