ESL One Rio, Blast Premier Fall Showdown Postponed

ESL One Rio & Blast Premier Fall Showdown Postponed

Several esports organizations are either canceling or postponing their regional and international tournaments due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The CS:GO competitive scene is one of the most heavily impacted esports communities. ESL One Rio 2020 and the Blast Premier Fall Showdown are both postponed.

ESL One Rio 2020

All other major CS:GO tournaments are canceled, except for one. ESL One Rio 2020 is now the only Major of 2020, and it’s delayed until November. Backed by Valve’s support, ESL made the difficult decision to cancel all confirmed events and settle with ESL One Rio. Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Product at ESL, made the announcement yesterday:

“Our decision is an extremely tough one, but health and safety have to take absolute priority…Given the very difficult circumstances for live events, we still wanted to give the Brazilian fans the CS:GO Major they deserve. We ask everyone to stay safe and we are pleased to be able to continue to deliver some quality CS:GO esports content to the community during these troubling times, while we prepare the Rio Major for November.”

As the only remaining event, ESL One Rio’s prize pool was raised to $2M. Its original schedule in May will be moved to November 19 through 22, but the main event remains at Jeunesse Arena. Qualified teams are still under consideration except for the likes of OG Esports and Complexity.

Blast Premier Fall Showdown

Following the turn of events brought about by ESL, BLAST Premier also decided to postpone its Fall Showdown to November to avoid schedule conflicts. Originally scheduled on November 19, the event was moved to 25 through 29.

The Premier’s Brazilian tournaments in the New Champions Stage, however, have no choice but to clash with the Fall Showdown’s original dates on November 17 to 22. The Spring Showdown and Finals, which are currently scheduled on June 2 through 7 and 16 through 21, will both push through.

Blast and Valve will give more information about the remaining tournaments and dates for the BLAST Premier circuit at a later date. In the meantime, the dates for the finals are confirmed.