FACEIT’s FPL Circuit To Run With Esports Mentors, FPL Cups

FACEIT's FPL Circuit To Run With Esports Mentors, FPL Cups

FACEIT, one of the leading competitive gaming platforms for online multiplayer games, revamped its tournament format and organizational functions. As part of the changes, FACEIT added new mentors to its tournaments and will host two community-driven cups a month with NA spots in Faceit Pro League (FPL) on the line. As this introduces new tournament mechanics, it also unlocks new betting opportunities and odds formats for CSGO betting sites, which then offers more diversity to esports betting enthusiasts.

FACEIT announced the groundbreaking changes on its blog yesterday. The blog was the first real update from the platform since its launch. In hopes to adapt and evolve inside the CS:GO ecosystem, FACEIT deemed it necessary to introduce new tournaments and enhancement programs.

“FPL is not a perfect product and given its particular nature, it’s had to constantly evolve and adapt since day one thanks to the feedback of the FPL players and the community…We are going to share a number of important updates on key areas where we think FPL can bring increased value such as talent development, connection with the ecosystem and communication,” the blog says.

New Faceit Mentors

Aside from its main function of hosting regional and global esports tournaments, FACEIT strives to provide guidance and resources to emerging esports talents, especially players who qualify for FLP tournaments based on their individual skills.

To keep this effort alive, FACEIT adds former mousesports coach Sergey “⁠lmbt⁠” Bezhanov to the FPL team as an official “FPL Mentor”. Lmbt will spearhead the creation of FPL Cups in North America with other upcoming mentors. He is tasked to provide new and younger players with consistent training and resources.

FPL Cups

To support the current NA competitive scene, FACEIT added FPL Cups to the regular FPL tournaments. Here are the two main changes following the updated tournament format and qualification:

  • Setting the prize pool of FPL North America to be consistent with FPL Europe ($20,000 per month)
  • Investing in a new team-based qualification format to provide the competitive community with another way to qualify for the FPL, FPL Cups

FPL Cups will serve as a new tournament series for solo players, stacks, and teams. These tournaments are organized by third-party platforms in partnership with FACEIT. Every two weeks, the NA CS:GO community has a chance to feature emerging players in single-bracket tournaments with a minimum of $3,000 prize pool.