HLTV x CS.Money League Introduces Its First Fantasy Game

HLTV x CS.Money League Introduces Its First Fantasy Game

HTLV.org, the world’s leading CS:GO news media, partners with CS.Money to host its first-ever fantasy game featuring live European CS:GO tournaments today. Fantasy game for the playoffs of ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe is now open for play.

Fans and players can earn cash prizes and in-game rewards sponsored by HTLV.org and CS.Money by creating their own leagues, playing with friends, and joining the HLTV x CS.Money League. Three of the best-placed teams top the leaderboards while players earn prizes.

Prizes for the HLTV x CS.Money League: ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe are as follows:

1. $100
2. AK-47 | Redline (MW)
3. AWP | Redline (MW)

All the results of the group stage reflected in the previous fantasy games. Now, the registered teams will compete for the fantasy game in the playoffs. The event kicks off today, May 12. European powerhouse teams Astralis, G2 Esports, and Ninjas in Pyjamas are leading the race.

Previous Fantasy Games

ESL One: Road to Rio – North America:

1. Brazil junin01010 – $150
2. Sweden G2_NEVER_WON_AGAINST_COACH – AK-47 | Redline (MW)
3. Poland SmartyyCS – AWP | Redline (MW)

ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe group stage:

1. CIS bult0 – $100
2. Vietnam SNG2A – M4A1-S | Master Piece (MW)
3. South Africa SimoLe – AK-47 | Jaguar (MW)

Aside from major CS:GO tournaments hosted by ESL One, which continue to make its way in CSGO gambling sites, community leagues also gain popularity in the fantasy game. In Europe, YTB Fan Club League averaged the highest number of points with 227.48. In North America, TL Discord earned dominance with 306.10 points. #LlamasCSGO team in Spain was the most populated and popular league in both divisions.

About CS. Money League

CS.Money is one of the popular CS:GO virtual trade brands in the world. It holds the biggest market share in searching and selecting virtual items between the users of Steam marketing. More than that, the CS:GO esports community commends it for its secure and efficient skin transactions.

Since it gained popularity, CS.Money started partnering with esports organizations to host regional and international leagues. CS.Money already collaborated with Astralis, Starseries & i-league, GG.Bet, and U Can Company in the past.