Logitech G Unveils Playmaster, A Training Program For CS:GO

Logitech G Unveils Playmaster, A Training Program For CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most challenging first-person shooter (FPS) games in the market. Adding to that is the highly competitive and demanding esports industry of the game. To help players rise to the challenge, Logitech G has developed a platform that can track, analyze, and hone players’ skills in every CS:GO game.

The platform, called Playmaster, is driven by AI and built with professional esports organizations. According to Logitech G, it welcomes and works for amateur and professional esports players:

“Playmaster is designed to capture specific data from gamers – from amateurs to esports pros – to help them understand how to reach their full potential. The tool’s beta version is now available for all players to try out to analyse their play and improve specific skills, such as targeting acquisition, map navigation, and player movement.”

Tools And Features

Custom maps and levels – Playmaster allows players to test their mastery and compare skills with professionals and the community itself. The game’s customizable maps and levels can improve a player’s skills in the following areas: Track, Aim, Peek, Spray, Jump, Perceive, AWP Flick, and AWP Hold.

Level-up games – Players can complete challenges in increasing difficulty to master all aspects of CS:GO. The platform uses AI to extract important features for each skill practice mode and reward points to players accordingly.

Research-backed training – Players can easily track their progress and get in-depth analytics and insights for each game. Playmaster uses cognitive and data science for this research.

How To Use

Sign up for early access – Playmaster is currently free to use. CS:GO players only need to register at https://playmaster.gg/ using an email address or through any of the following external accounts: Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

Measure baseline – After registration, players can now extract their current and accurate CS:GO skill level. Players are required to complete the baseline before they enter challenges to get the benchmark score. Skill levels and scores of professional CS:GO players are displayed individually, yet anonymously.

Train to improve – Once the Playmaster reveals the skill level and enables the scoring system, players can start progressing through challenges to hone their skills.