Making Money Out Of CS:GO Betting And Skin Gambling


Just like with other mainstream sports, CS:GO betting became a popular market for esports enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t want to bet on the most popular and successful FPS shooter video game in the world? If you want to ride the train and join the bandwagon, let us introduce you to the world of esports betting and skin gambling.

Popularity of CS:GO and CS:GO Betting

In general, esports became very popular in the 21st century, after gamers discovered that there is more to esports than LAN party tournaments. Esports, electronic sports, competitive gaming, or whatever you want to call it are professional video game competitions that often take place regionally or internationally. It has grown into popularity since the entry of the 21st century. In fact, Newzoo, the leading provider of esports market intelligence, reported that esports global audience grew from 204 million to 292 million between 2014 and 2016. It was a 43% increase rate over the past two years.

CS:GO specifically, became popular after it followed the original Counter-Strike Series. CS:GO was created by Hidden Path Entertainment in association with Valve Corporation, the one who also sponsors CS:GO Major tournaments. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike franchise. Surprisingly, since the official release of the game in 2012, it has sold more than 25 million copies.It received positive reviews from the critics because of its unique premise and gameplay: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are being pitted against each other, and each team must satisfy their functions and defeat the opposing teams.

CS:GO Skins

After the game earned some popularity, CS:GO online betting became a thing. Years after, cryptocurrencies penetrated the online world, and it became even more popular than before. Many online betting sites today offer markets for Blast Pro Series, DreamHack tournaments, ESEA tournaments, and more The first ever esports tournament in CS:GO started in 2013 with a prize pool originally set at $250,000 dollars. The first bet was made then, and the industry experienced an unexpected boom in popularity.

Emergence of Skin Gambling

Right after the booming popularity of CS:GO betting, skin gambling emerged in the picture. Skin Betting is particularly managed by the Steam Marketplace and other third-party websites owned by entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. People buy, sell, and trade skins from CS:GO in the market. These skins are virtual currencies used for betting. They don’t have an in-game function, and people treat it as an accessory for their characters and weapons in CS:GO.