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CS:GO News

Team Fortress 2 Update Released
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

Matchmaking Changes
  • The initial load time into a match no longer counts against a player's abandon timer
  • Changed the timeout before a missing player is marked as having abandoned a competitive match to be three minutes from the first time a player disconnects from the server, rather than from the moment the match is formed
  • Queue times should now be significantly faster when dealing with large numbers of placement and recently-placed players in queue
  • Moved the Competitive MMR change notification so it no longer overlaps your rank
  • Fixed continuing to receive the prompt to rejoin a match after you have been dropped from said match
  • Fixed a case where players would receive a rank change in matches that dissolved due to abandon

  • Added a stomp animation to Pyro that plays when coming down after blasting off from the Thermal Thruster
  • Added HLPugs.tf tournament medals
  • Added Gette it Onne! tournament medals
  • Added TFCL tournament medals
  • Added Copenhagen Games tournament medals
  • Fixed Medics having an accelerated Übercharge build-rate when healing full-health Snipers who are using The Razorback
  • Fixed being able to capture control points during setup time
  • Fixed the Golden Wrench not having an offset when using minimized viewmodels
  • Fixed the Private Maggot Muncher hiding the Soldier's hat when equipped
  • Fixed the Medic's auto-call feature not including enemy Spies disguised as the Medic's team
  • Fixed The Lugermorph not displaying when inspected in the backpack
  • Fixed unusual effects on the Brass Bucket rendering in the wrong spot
  • Fixed Mann vs. Machine late-join failing for parties of two or more
  • Fixed the Short Circuit orb not changing particle color after being deflected
  • Fixed the Short Circuit orb not being able to destroy rockets/grenades during the first 0.25 seconds of their lifetime
  • Updated models and materials for the Private Maggot Muncher
  • Updated the localization files

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