Tipsters and Tipster Competition Explained

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Esports betting requires knowledge, discipline, and consistency. Because of this demand, betting on esports such as CSGO, DotA 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch can be tricky and difficult. So if you don’t have the resources to increase your chances of winning and maximize your betting profit, you need a helping hand. You need the help of tipsters and their occasional tipster competition promotions to have a foundation.

But first, who are these tipsters and what are tipster online competition promos?

A Tipster is a person or a group of people who provide tips or general information on the outcome of esports tournaments. These information may include predictions, odds, market liquidity, betting strategies, and tips. Let’s just say that they are your esports savior before the tournament actually begins. Tipsters are professional and obviously more knowledgeable than average bettors and esports enthusiasts. These people use statistical-based assumptions and estimations and compare their insights with the odds provided by sportsbooks.

Meanwhile, tipster competition promos are marketing tools for tipping sites to gain more readers and tipsters. These competitions allow bettors to earn free bets, free skins, or jackpots. Tipsters can earn a pool of prizes if they provide “tips” for special and upcoming matches. By leaving tips, you can help other bettors win money in different bookmakers or betting exchange sites.

Now that we know the definition of the two, let’s now dive into a discussion about how valuable these people and promos are to the betting community.

Esports Betting Tips

Tipster promos and competitions can be a business

For advanced bettors, these tipster online competition promos can increase the profitability of the punters’ bets. The bet recommendations from knowledgeable experts are really useful, especially when the matches are tough.

Tipsters can give valuable information

Since they are experts, some of them have a special access to these matches. They may know some people connected to the tournaments or teams that could give you little-known information not all bettors and bookmakers know. This can help you gain an edge or competitive advantage against others.

Tipsters can give you reassurance

If you’re not sure or confident about your opinion regarding an esports match, you can resort to tipsters, and they could give you a reassurance–or they could completely debunk your theory. Regardless, you’ll have accurate facts and data, rather than your sole opinion. The opinion of one reputable tipster can strengthen the selections you’ve highlighted before the matches begin.