Valve Cancels CS:GO’s Transition To Source 2

Valve Cancels CS:GO's Transition To Source 2

Valve debunked fan theories this week regarding Source 2, a video game engine introduced by the developer as the successor to the original Source. Various trustworthy news sites, insiders, and sources confirmed that Source 2 will be added to CS:GO earlier this year, but Valve recently revealed that it might not happen anytime soon.

Tyler McVicker, the creator of Valve News Network, revealed ‘May 18’ as an exact date for the CS:GO overhaul. Updates succeeding that may bring Source 2 to the public as it’s been years since Valve overhauled CS:GO.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, McVicker recently came out as an insider and first-hand source for Valve’s meeting in the first week of July. McVicker revealed that although Valve actually considered it, Source 2 is not happening.

“There was a meeting and they made a decision. The reason behind the project’s cancellation is simply that it was “too much work”…As of now, it’s not happening. They’re not going to do it,” McVicker said.

The dev team tried to incorporate Source 2 to CS:GO but found major issues. McVicker added that one big issue that prevented the game’s transition to Source 2 is the community content: “They have a build…they’ve had a build for like two years. It’s not that they can’t port the game…they can’t port the community content.”

Source 2 can ultimately improve shooter experience due to improved graphics, rendering, and skyboxes. However, Valve pointed out that the engine might affect community-made content negatively.

Custom game modes and brand new maps contributed by fans are an integral part of CS:GO. Valve allows game content creators outside their dev team to contribute to the game’s ever-growing library.

If Source 2 was to be activated, all these game modes and maps get eliminated. If the developer can provide a massive backlog of community-created CS:GO content that can be played and transferred easily, Source 2 is possible. But as of now, Valve has no other alternatives.

Despite the disappointing news, we can expect Valve to work on other pressing issues in CS:GO, such as toxicity and cheating.