Valve Introduces New Chat Filter To Combat Toxicity In CS:GO

Valve Introduces New Chat Filter To Combat Toxicity In CS:GO

Toxicity remains a major problem in the esports community. It exists in almost all multiplayer games, and Valve’s CS:GO isn’t safe from it. In an attempt to combat this negative behavior in CS:GO, Valve added a new profanity filter to the game’s chat feature.

The Valve dev team announced plans to protect users from toxicity last June 2 in a blog post entitled ‘Squelching the Noise’. Valve shared that they’re currently working on new features to punish toxic players.

“We’ve been working on a new system that will work more precisely. When the new system is fully deployed, players will receive a warning if they receive significantly more abuse reports than other players. If they ignore that feedback and continue to receive abuse reports, they’ll receive a penalty: they will be muted by all other players by default,” the blog post says.

Initially, Valve threatened to ban players from the voice chat if they receive repeated reports of toxicity from fellow gamers. But the dev team currently works on new and effective features to ultimately eliminate this behavior from the game, so they will release one feature at a time.

True to its words, Valve released the first of the new features this week. Called as ‘Text Filtering’, CS:GO’s new feature will filter profanity or other offensive messages from the chat. For now, the feature will at least aim to let players block what they don’t want to see.

Here’s the complete list of patch notes from the new update:

  • Added a new game communication setting “Text Filtering” which is enabled by default and blocks profane words used in text chat.
  • Fixed a trigger_bomb_reset regression.

The new option is enabled by default when the game loads. The option is located in the “Communication” section of CS:GO’s settings. Aside from automatically blocking offensive messages, users can also choose to block the names of toxic players on both teams and all public profile pictures.

We have yet to see if the new feature is 100% effective. In the meantime, Valve started tracking players’ reports with the new system. Users are encouraged to report abusive players for ‘Abusive Communications or Profile’ when they encounter them.